Pro and Lifestyle Domme with 10 years of experience.
I am an all around Domme, meaning I am not limited
to only a few aspects of BDSM. I am naturally Dominant.
I believe in Female Supremacy. Power and Control
over one is like a drug flowing through my veins..........
Total Power Exchange. I take pleasure in dominating
one both sensually and sadistically. I enjoy many fetishes
and find them highly erotic.
slave is broken, molded and trained to Mistress's specifications.                
slave will obey, please, serve and worship Mistress.
You will be controlled.....You will suffer.....You will be loyal.....
You will be devoted to her.....You will be consumed.
You are here solely for me......You are owned.

Crawl into Mistress Augusta's world, surrender to her.

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Know that I am an educated, intelligent, sharp, sophisticated woman..........Dominant Alpha-Woman that just happens to have a devious, twisted mind. I have many interests   besides BDSM.  You will have to spend time with me to find out.

You are most likely thinking that this is only about phone sex, you are wrong.  I speak with many men, slaves, submissives, Doms, Alpha-men, men that just want to speak/talk with a woman.  Many think of this as a type of therapy.  They feel free to share their feelings, thoughts, desires, fantasies without being judged.......Mistress understands. Conversations can range from everyday things, current events to advice, bdsm lifestyle, fetishes, domination and yes, good old phone sex.......under Mistress's control of course.

Mistress, Domme, Confidant

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Mistress Loves

Boots/Shoes, Corsets, Gloves, Latex/Leather/PVC, Satin/Silk, Stockings/Pantyhose  Collars, Crops, Floggers, Paddles, Slapper, Vampire Gloves, Whips 
Most of all, an obedient slave

Some Of My BDSM Interests

                                                       Ass Play                        Gags/Hoods
                                                      Blindfolds                       Humiliation/Verbal Abuse
                                                     Bondage                         Masks
                                                    Cages                              Mental Bondage
                                                   CBT                                  Obedience Training
                                                  Chastity                            Objectification
                                                 Collars/Leashes              Orgasm Control
                                                Corner Time                     Role Play/Fantasy
                                               Cross-Dressing                Smoking
                                              Cuckolding                        Tease/Torture/Denial
                                             Discipline/Punishment     Wax Play
                                            FinDom                               Worshipping

I have many loves, interests and fetishes. Cannot list them all. Should you have a particular interest, you may ask.

I am very selective about one for real time sessions. I have a number of slaves that I session with. To be considered, you must have a full understanding about D/s, BDSM. You desire, crave this in mind, body and soul. You have educated yourself about it. No, previous “playing around” does not count as education/experience. There is a screening process and it will be my decision to let you enter my world or not.

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slaves Permitted To Speak

I've known Mistress for a while.  I adore, worship her.  She is strict but also kind.  I am loyal to her.....she is my Mistress - HerKnight, London UK

I love speaking with Mistress Augusta.  She makes me feel   comfortable discussing my submissive desires, my fantasies.  She truly does understand - sub brian, VT

I obey, serve, give up all control to only her.  I trust Mistress completely.  My mind, body and   soul are free when she takes command - dev slave, NY

I have known Mistress for many years.  Believe her when she says she is naturally dominant......she is. She rules and you will bow down, like I have.  My pleasure is serving her - boundslave, MN

The long legs, beautiful long blonde hair, don't be fooled......she is a true Domme. In speaking with her, I found that out. Very erotic with a strong sadistic side - queen's slave - Toronto, CA

Mistress is controlling and I love when she takes over. She gets deep in my mind taking me into sub-space everytime I speak or chat with her. She has trained me well to obey her and not step out of place. Pleasing her is always my goal - obedient boy, CT

Her photo and profile caught my eye, so I called her. The realness of her was striking which I loved. I do a lot of phone sex and it was a turn on to speak to someone that doesn't "fake" a personality. I like a woman to take the lead sometimes and she does just that. It's pretty hot being Mistress's phone sex slave -    phone sex slave robert, FL